Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stuck in the real world

Just when I get off to a good start, I get stuck with another one of those darn paying gigs. Gotta take a little break from WizTrigger 2.0 to write some email searching application. Fun stuff.

I'll keep you posted, shouldn't take long to finish this bad boy up.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Day 1

For all of you WizTrigger fans out there, WizTrigger 2.0 has finally been started. Its been a long time since I've made any changes to the old Wiztrigger, mostly because the code is such a mess its not worth touching. The program was never supposed to get this big...

Yes, it will have StormFront and Wizard support. I've already figured out how I'm going to capture the data from StormFront, that part of the coding is about 30% complete.

This new build will be entirely from scratch. I will try to keep most of the triggering commands the same so you don't need to learn a new triggering language, but some things have got to change (hopefully for the better)

There is a huge amount of coding to be done, so if any of you are into string manipulation with VB.Net or C# and have a few hours to kill I would love to throw a few functions your way for rewriting.

I want to start using it as bad as you do.